Update on Giveaways

As part of a summer long Pride campaign to raise awareness about queer literature and film and expose new communities to our lesser advertised work here at the blog, we have been giving away videos and books written by and/or about GLBTQI folks. This month’s giveaway was supposed to be one my favorite campy good films about Chicanos, gentrification, and cross-cultural dating: East Side Story.  Unfortunately, the people who were supposed to come through with our free copy have gone out of business . . . (depressing I know.) I really want our next giveaway to be a Xueer one b/c next months giveaway is already set for a 1-4 book giveaway on the intersections of dis/ability and queerness. So I just wanted you to know that I am still working on the August giveaway plan, but fear not dear readers the July giveaway of Were the World Mine does not end until Friday, so there is time.

4 thoughts on “Update on Giveaways

    • joy and gravitas are equal partners for academic viewers I think. And what do you think of Broken Sky, which might be the alternative this month?

    • it’ll break your heart but move you; it’s about intense love lost – if we get a free one for the giveaway you can put your name in.

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