Quickies: The Sci Fi Edition (Tennant/Barrowman/Davies Kiss & Singer goes BSG)

Thanks to Bilerico (via twitter), I have video of the infamous unscripted kiss between David Tennant and John Barrowman at Comicon. Barrowman was as giddy with the stupid about it as I expect some of my readers will be even tho it was the tamest kiss ever. (I’ve said it before, if anyone could pull off window dressing on Dr. Who,  it would be Tennant.)

In other news, Brian Singer has signed on to do a BSG movie for theater release. I didn’t even know they were thinking of going to cinema instead of milking the franchise with more video prequels to the new series. Long time readers know, I think Brian Singer redefined the comic film genre and has set the bar so high that very few people come close to reaching his cinematic accomplishments. More than that Singer has consistently offered films that challenge stereotypical misogyny, homophobia, and racial erasure or racist characters in the graphic novel to film genre. His somewhat absence of late has witnessed the genre slipping back toward extremely offensive and xenophobic characters. I cannot imagine a better combination to put that in check than BSG and Brian Singer.  I can also only hope that with Singer at the helm, the queer storylines that were given such short shrift in the series will actually be integral to the film and there will be a return of at least one butch girl on screen ‘cos a femme deserves a little somethin’ once in a while too.

Between Brian Singer and Russell T Davies, the world is a beautiful place.

here’s a longer version of the comicon panel just b/c

10 thoughts on “Quickies: The Sci Fi Edition (Tennant/Barrowman/Davies Kiss & Singer goes BSG)

    • hi digger. Tom Baker . . . well words fail to describe how much most who fans, myself included, love him. The new Who, both Tennant and Eccleston, are basically the best of the old show with really great modern updates and Tennant, for me, is as close to Baker as any of them can get while keeping it distinctly his own. I also like that the when Tennant came on the show also went more character and less CGI b/c a lot of the first season’s effects were hoaky. If you want to watch just one to get a feel for the reboot, I’d actually recommend the latest special Planet of the Dead. It has all of the wonderful elements of the regular show, as well as great chemistry and a solid and compelling story.

      thanks for the cake link. did you see the tiny Dalek cakes from Tennant’s first season of Dr. Who? I’ve got a pic with Tennant holding one in his hand up on the blog somewhere. 😀

      • I’m watching season 3 again as I type. It is my fav, but partially b/c it fits in with my real work on the intersections of race and sexuality in media

    • ok wow! I just looked at the cakes and now I must have one!!!!! Thank you Digger, you made my day for the second time (the first being the vid that prompted this post)

    • welcome to the blog Nina. neither of these vids are yours or just not the top one? either way, I would love to see the footage you did!!!

      A word of caution, ppl redo vids all the time on youtube its the nature of the medium & if you are upset about it (it sounds like it but cannot tell for sure) you should contact them, tho given that this is normal on youtube (and once you upload there it is no longer even your property but youtube’s – evil google) it probably won’t make a difference.

      • Actually, the bottom one is mine. The top one is the one where the gal stole my footage and edited it before I had a chance to make up a shortened version to post. I was still at Comic Con and I had no time. Right after I posted the long version I had to run down to get in line for the panels the next morning. Then I was shooting the Doctor Who and Torchwood panels the whole next day so I didn’t see what she’d done until I got home late Sunday night.

        It’s one thing to ASK to take a bit of video and use it in some musical creation that you conceived and put some other work into. It’s quite another to just take someone’s video, without ASKING, shorten it and post basically as is. She had absolutely nothing to do with the video, she didn’t pay for the ticket, she didn’t shoot it, she didn’t wait in tedious lines to get the seat, yet she wants to take the credit. Just because people can and do do it, doesn’t make it right.

        I did ask her to take it down to no avail. I wouldn’t even consider doing that with someone else’s work. But I guess that’s just me.

        Anyway… thanks for posting my full length video as well. Hope you’ll enjoy all the videos I shot at CC. :-)))

        btw: I have now posted a shortened version as well if you’d like to see it:

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