The Internet is Not Your Friend

Hi all

We are experiencing technical difficulties here at the spot again, so I just wanted to let you know what posts are in the works for when we get it all sorted:

  1. Health Care Reform – I have now read the entire bill and several of the key pro and con essays on the issue and will try to break them down for those of you not in the mood to read the whole thing yourselves
  2. Eating disorders, Disordered Eating, and the Meaning of “girls” in ED culture – this post is prompted by a series of posts stemming from the unexamined privilege of the founder of WATRT Blog and the concerns it raises for me and others participating there or who have since left.
  3. Stacyann Chin Book Review – since the book group has stalled, I am going to start my review of Stacyann Chin’s The Otherside of Paradise which is suprisingly dense enough that I will be needing more than one post to go over her ideas
  4. “Return” of Racial Profiling – Both a former Indian PM and one of the most recognizable faces in Bollywood have been harassed at the airport. The later was in the states working on a film on racial profiling. I see startling similarities between this incident and other recent ones that I think we need to look at in our on going discussion of policing
  5. Being Human – my review of the first three episodes and the odd mix of misogyny and compassion that is starting to make its mark on US audiences.

I am also off to see District 9, 500 days of summer, and Julie and Julia some day soon as I continue to remain in denial about the start of the semester and the endless line of advisees outside my door. So movies reviews forthwith!

– prof susurro


2 thoughts on “The Internet is Not Your Friend

  1. Looking forward to reading the upcoming posts. 🙂

    BTW: You actually read the Health Care Reform Bill? Super Duper Mad Props! That’s more than most members of the US Congress have done.

    • it’s funny, I was thinking the same things as I was trying to get through it. it’s why it makes it easier to lie b/c no one knows what is actually in there. And now, it is hopelessly out of date b/c they have dropped things, promised to change others, etc.

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