Link Love: Chic Batik

So I already passed out some link love yesterday, for an astute interpretation of District 9’s racial messages. Today I pass that love on to Le Chic Batik, another blog with which I was previously unfamiliar.

In a short but interesting post about the new Vanity Fair spread entitled “Model/Animal” CB’s author questions the ongoing animalization of black women in the fashion industry and the ubiquitous image of Africa as “wild” and “unpopulated.” The stereotypes she points to are readily accessible but rang extra specially interesting to me given the other image of Africa, as violent, densely over-populated, and dangerous that is at the center of District 9.

wildthingsVanity Fair/August 2009

How do these two seemingly disparate images of Africa exist at the same time? Why does the contradiction not make more ppl question the construction of Africa for the Western imaginary? And how does the narrative of women as “wild things” in the Africa of Saharan fantasy play into the women as sexually available and rapeable in the Africa of poverty and corruption?

Care to weigh in?

2 thoughts on “Link Love: Chic Batik

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