It All Depends on the Mood I’m In

I’ve been unusually irritable lately. Part of it has to do with my neverending naivete in trying to engage ppl who have made basic “mistakes” about oppression only to find the basic “mistake” was covering the gaping inequality parade underneath. But today as I clicked thru my emails and saw one from one of my Katrina survivor students, I knew what was bring on the headaches and the quizzy tummy. It’s funny what the body remembers long after the mind has buried it for your own mental health.

I’ve told the story of watching then-President Bush, and his mother’s, giant failure with a horror that changed me for good every year on this blog. Today, the day after the hurricane hit the Caribbean and days before it actually rocked the gulf coast to its foundations while a president did nothing and a secretary of state went shoe shopping, I’m going to let someone else tell the (lower case ‘t’) story.

katrina1 - Copy

This image comes from A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, a graphic novel by Josh Nuefeld that was original published online here. It has now been published on hard copy as well.

katrina2 - Copy

The Neufeld chronicles the stories of 6 people from before the flood into its tragic aftermath. Their eyewitness accounts, include stories from the elderly, immigrants, college students, and others.

katrina3 - Copy

Culminating in the images we all remember. Imaging the words of people we all remember ended up dead, wheel chairs and babies covered with blankets when ppl discovered they had passed on for want of water.

Good job Brownie. Good job.

I’ll be doing a post on New Orleans now, trying to focus on the hopeful stories of the present ongoing recovery. Though the project above may be triggering for some, it too is part of the positive part of New Orleans recovery. As the video below shows, everyone was absolutely thrilled with having their stories told and how they came out.

Talking is the first step in healing and being heard is the second. So this comic was part of the healing and part of the documenting of an unnatural disaster in really unique ways.


all images – Neuhler. (207) AD: New Orleans After the Deluge. SMITH publishers.


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