Take the Taser’s Away Already

Ohio police officer tasers African-American woman on her knees with hands up in submission, claiming she is obstructing his investigation of the driver of the vehicle (she was the passenger). Turns out the woman he tasered is the daughter of a Cincinatti City Council Member and former police officer who likely trained her how to submit to search by police to save her from the rampant racial profiling in Ohio.

It also turns out that the police officer has been found guilty of excessive force in the use of a taser on another woman prior to this incident and was terminated for excessive force befor an arbitration regained him his job. In this prior incident, he tasered a woman who had called for help in a domestic violence incident, in front of her 5 year old child, for not hanging up the phone when he arrived to subdue her batterer.

read whole story about officer Plummer’s tasering women here.

This post is part of our ongoing documenting project here at the blog; since our last post on this issue these stories have come to my attention:

  • A woman is suing police after having been tasered in January in NYC in front of her children for an incident also involving use of her cellphone. The officer said he’d pulled her over for speeding and using cellphone. She was clocked at 5 miles over & denied having used cellphone. She asked the officer not to taser her in front of her children when he pulled out taser; he tasered her twice. Both officer and woman were white.

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