Sound of Silence: Prelude to Katrina Post

Tonight, I met up with some colleagues to watch Trouble the Water on video. We made food each of us remember from childhoods, momentary lives lived in, and/or frequent trips to NOLA. When all of the plates were dished up, heaping style, silence took over the room. One by one, impromptu, we shared our stories, and the stories of others who should not be forgotten, to the back drop of sad sweet jazz. Then got down to the businness of remembering and celebrating the resilence of black folks and all the marginalized and intersecting communities left behind.

Today would have been MJ’s 51 birthday. It was the day Kennedy was finally laid to rest – one of the last true believers in a moral compass that points toward equality and justice in Congress. It was also the anniversary of Katrina’s devastation in the Gulf Region.

Too much to take in.

But as the cameras panned the audience at Kennedy’s funeral, for a brief moment resting on George Bush sitting beside President Obama, I couldn’t help but wince at the ways that out nation’s inequalities are always sitting arms linked firmly with power and death. So many legacies left to unrest.


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