Book I’m Looking Forward to Reading

So, I promised myself this semester I was not only going to teach the overload our department desperately needs with so many on leave, but that I was going to continue my summer commitment of reading for pleasure. I know . . . I’ve over-estimated access to time and space (physical alone time) again. Nevertheless, I have already picked out a book from my vast shelf of  “things I meant to read but life got in the way”:

Not only does this book sound exciting, but since it does dovetail with a core course I have to teach in Spring, I can call it work when I have to and free-time when I don’t.

I’m curious, does anyone else find that they have stopped reading for pleasure during the term? It’s really a shame.

After the two cancer scares this summer (a pet and a human family member), I promised that all the things I put off for work, I’m going to somehow fit in. Don’t want to breathe my last breath having failed “to suck the marrow out of life.”

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