Top 10 Queer Movies to Watch Over and Over

A person on twitter asked me what my favorite, “watch over and over” queer movies are . . . Long time readers know I teach queer media and it is one of my favorite subjects to get all femme-fantastic fangirl about. So you know I am sharing my answer with you all right?! (Long time readers should also be able to answer this question w/me.) One thing, this list is supposed to be films I’d watch repeatedly for entertainment and is not the same list I would generate if I was listing the top GLBTQI movies. Several of the movies that would make that list would be much older than the ones on this list and include films like Watermelon Woman, Boys Don’t Cry, and Lilies. Nor does this list include movies I find deeply amusing or intriguing but don’t watch nearly as much as the ones on the list or I have stopped watching as much as the other ones, those films would include East Side Story, Johns, D.E.B.S, Puccini for Beginners, Nico and Dani, & Imagine Me and You. And as if cheating by putting all these extra films into this preamble were not enough, you know I listed more than 10 right?

Latter Days – b/c I know what it’s like to grow up in a religious tradition that denies our right to exist and yet provides a foundation from which your moral compass on most things is set; the good news is you can have both see my post on Bible lawsuit if you just shook your head

When Night is Falling- tho the exotic can be problematic it is still cinematically beautiful and the love story at its center is entralling and b/c like Latter Days it dares you to reject a faith that denies love but not faith in general.

The Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls in Love – this movie has everything you could possibly want in it, loving same sex parents, crazy academics, and a love story to move mountains

Zerophilia – cutest comedy ever about gender confusion, gender acceptance, and sexuality and ever since Blood Ties, I’ve always wished kyle Shmid was a girl anyway so . . .

Nina’s Heavenly Delights – magical realism meets lesbian love story all wrapped up in yummy food preperation. hello.

Urbania – its depressing but fascinating and I love teaching it b/c it gives us a way to talk abt “truths” and meaning in a world that denies oppression while perpetuating

Show Me Love – this is the cutest coming out story you will likely ever see

Donald Strachey Mysteries – yes I’m cheating b/c there are 4 but Chad Allen turns in one of the most heart felt performances in this series talking about DADT and Sebastien Spence’s performance in Ice Blue is spot on. besides you know I love thrillers

Hedwig and the Angry Inch – if you don’t want to sing along, there is something wrong with you I love the “Origin of Love”

Saving Face – b/c I love the way it juxtaposes several women’s issues and thoroughly grounds women’s sexuality at every turn

No Regret – it is a depressing film abt repression and desire, as well as class and classism, but amidst all the bad happening to the fam in this movie, when they get it right there is something so beautiful about it I could watch this movie multiple times in a single night

Family Pack – the juxtaposition of ability and desire are often problematic but some times quite poignant. Again this is another family drama in which women’s choices and desires take center stage across a wide spectrum and there is something quaint and sweet about it that resonates.

The film listed on youtube as “Family Pack” is actually Feulle

Broken Sky – its lyrical beauty and ability to express profound emotion without words is cinematic magic. (warning lots of naked in this unofficial trailer)

Better than Chocolate – art, bookstores, first love, and musical numbers, with a wide range of lesbian identities and an equally centered trans woman, can you ask for anything more?

Antarcitca – b/c it is so beautiful, seriously if you’ve forgotten what love is or fallen into a rut, rent this movie and be reminded.

Shelter – which as I have said before resonates at a cellular level for me and leaves me unable to write a review not b/c of the coming out issues but b/c of the class ones.

Butch Jamie – b/c its just great. watch it.

Want to really know what I think about this subject, read the blog, ask about obscure queer films, and representation on tv. I am currently crushing on both the representations in Skins on BBC America & the Israeli show Until the Wedding & that’s just for starters. 🙂

So what is your top 10?

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Queer Movies to Watch Over and Over

  1. ooh, I love lists. Firstly, just wanted to say, I enjoy reading your blog. This is my first time commenting. Secondly, I don’t have a top 10 list pero here are some favorites I never get tired of watching (all are not exclusively queer but definitely possess some type of queer appeal):

    Show Me Love/Fucking Amal
    When Night Is Falling
    But I’m A Cheerleader
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    The Color Purple
    Velvet Goldmine
    Desperate Living

    I also love the hell out of movies w/ queer subtext/homoeroticism (like most of the Alien movies, Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!–even the movie version of Josie and the Pussycats, lol). Thanks for this list !

  2. Go Fish is on my list, which is much shorter, because I don’t know many movies. I’m delighted to have your list. Don’t know when I’ll get to watch them. (Are any ok to watch with a 7-year-old? We watched The Incredible True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, and just skipped the drugs and sex parts. It wasn’t a movie he loved, but that’s ok.)

    • that’s a hard question . . . I would classify most of these as 14 and up. Movies you could watch with a 7 year old in the room w/out much fast forwarding: When Night is Falling, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Show Me Love, Saving Face, Nina’s Heavenly Delights, Antarctica, Shelter, and Family Pack. One your child hits tweens many in that same list would be great ones to sit and discuss issues w/ and/or simply enjoy together, I’d start with Shelter.

  3. While it is not free of problems, I nonetheless adore Big Eden. It never seems to make anybody’s list other than mine.

    I also really liked East Side Story, but can’t say I watch it over and over. Maybe I should!

    I did eventually burn out on Hedwig, though it is fantastic. And, even if (again) it has some serious problems, I like Little Miss Sunshine

    • I avoided Little Miss Sunshine, but I too like Big Eden, it would make my longer list of queer films to watch I think.

      Interesting choices all around

      • Thank you of this list. I’d never seen any but Hedwig. I’m making my way through them all. I just finished Zerophilia. I’m so relieved there are movies like this.

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  5. Latter Days
    Tru Loved
    Between Love and Goodbye
    Dream boy
    The curiosity of chance
    The houseboy
    Prayers for Bobby
    Is it just Me?
    Make the yuletide gay
    Eating out 1 & 2
    Dorian gray
    3 Day Weekend
    Beautiful thing
    Boy Culture
    I love you Phillip Morris

    Too many?… Sorry but I think they are all great

    • Thank God someone mentioned “Prayers for Bobby” – This is the only film I have ever cried watching certain parts (you know the scene when the Dad come into the Mother’s work to tell her the news… :_[ )
      It gets me every time. The emotionally packed plot makes it one of the best films I have ever seen. Well worth a watch

  6. my top ones are probably:

    Latter Days
    Christopher and His Kind
    Prayers for Bobby
    But I’m a Cheerleader
    Loving Annabelle
    Brokeback Mountain

    and there’s probably a couple that I’ve forgotten but those are my absolute faves. I have many more to watch though!

  7. I have a few that was really good, not sure if I have ten though. But here they are. If you’ve never seen any of them, you should. They are not listed in list of favorites, except the first. I’m also adding comments about them.

    1. Big Eden (I loved the way the little town was, it’s my idea of the perfect world)
    2. Prayers for Bobby (I cried like a baby, it is a very sad but good movie)
    3. A girl like me (Again, cried like a baby, it’s based on a true story and is a powerful story)
    4. Soldiers Girl (Saw this three times, cried every single time)
    5. Latter days (Definatly worth watching a few times)
    6. Brokeback Mountain (The reason Heath Ledger became one of my favorite actors, may he rest in peace)

  8. Romeos (2011) is my go to most favourite but it’s really really emotional and kicks you right in the guts with all the realistic casual transphobia/ internalized homophobia and sexism. It’s so raw and wonderful though.

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