A Quick Note on Current Events

I’m sure some of you have come by to see what I have to say about the 912ers, I am working on a post about it now. Unlike the media who either ignored  it (hopefully in that historian say nothing it disappears way) or rushed to talk about the obvious aspects of the event, I want to write something a little more critical about it. I’ve been thinking about the connections to reconstruction racism, the franchise, and supremacy. With regards to the latter, my thoughts wander to psychology and how often people project their deepest fears on to the Other, so in the colonial endeavor colonizers feared rampant sexual abuse and ritual violence while they were perpetuating it, slave owners feared uprisings in which slaves would gruesomely torture and rape white people while they engaged in such acts as part of the slave economy, and now there is talk of incarceration and subjugation of white people by the black president . . .

My mind also rests on the spectre of undocumented workers as illegal aliens once again and how many on the left have taken great pride in insulting Wilson and his followers for believing they will be covered without interrogating the President’s use of the words “illegal aliens” or they inhumanity of denying coverage to anyone with in our borders, especially those who are likely working the longest hours in the least safe conditions in N. America.

And as I collect images for the upcoming post, I also keep coming back to those handful of people photographed with homophobic or heterosexist t-shirts or signs at a rally that has nothing to do with sexuality. And my mind wanders to the poster from April that mobilizes an explicit set of visual metaphors to link “un-Americanness”, the presidency, and homosexuality.

In other words, there is a lot more going on right now than just ” a handful of racist wackos.” While it is easy to have that conversation, it is much harder to get down into the soil that fertilizes this movement and find that its roots are not in fact fringe but distinctly part of a general organizing principle in this nation since its inception.

One thought on “A Quick Note on Current Events

  1. “…and now there is talk of incarceration and subjugation of white people by the black president.”

    Oh. Now I get it. That is enlightening. Thank you! That has puzzled me for months: couldn’t figure out for the life of me where those people were coming from with that.

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