Quickies: AM Tweets: Things U Should Know

I’ve decided to try out copying some of my info tweets to the blog since I often send critical info over twitter and then forget to also put it on the blog. We’ll see how this works (feel free to weigh in):

  • Black Face in Modeling – Have u all heard abt the black face on French Vogue? when read abt via @afrobella couldnt believe commenters denying blackface. See Post Here
  • Myspace and Facebook are segregating based on race and income – “The Internet is not this great equalizer that rids us of the problems of the physical world — the Internet mirrors and magnifies them.” quote from http://ow.ly/uhaR via @aliciasanchez
  • Check Out New Environmental Site for Latin@s – RT @LatinaLista Green Voices/Voces Verdes: bilingual site dedicated to empowering Latinos about clean energy – http://tinyurl.com/yg9xlbe
  • New Yorkers Standing Up Against Transphobia – Take action against Transphobia in social service & public assistance programs in NYC http://bit.ly/1E7H9K (via @queerunity)
  • Lesbian Teacher Assaulted & Nothing Happens – Michigan teacher’s body defaced in sexist & potentially homophobic assault by fellow teachers; also says sexually assaulted http://bit.ly/16Jdm8
  • Yesterday was 12 anni of Matthew Shepard’s Death – 12th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s tragic murder in Laramie, Wyoming. http://bit.ly/4cnVEe (via @TrevorProject)
  • Walmart & Matthew – the fence where Matthew Shepard died is now a Wallmart parking lot; Wallmart bought the land a few years ago for a mega Wallmart bt u can still find flowers on the spot behind store
  • Maxim Takes on BSG: lesson in how to take strong, powerful women who defied social mores in their scifi world & turn them into objects http://bit.ly/1a7sqf this one is a far cry from the yummy gay window dressing between Helo & Lee on Dollhouse but then again that show is one big feminist fail

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