Erzulie’s Skirt Virtual Book Group

So, after a quick survey of the peeps/tweeps, I’ve decided to host a discussion of Erzulie’s Skirt, possibly the first lesbian novel set in the erzuliesskirtDominican Republic and its diaspora by a contemporary Dominican American female author, next month on the blog. We will be reading the book in sections as yet undetermined and all are welcome. Here’s a brief description from the amazing publisher:

Set in the age of urbanization in the Dominican Republic over the course of several lifetimes, Erzulie’s Skirt is a tale of how women and their families struggle with love, tragedy and destiny. Told from the perspectives of three women, Erzulie’s Skirt takes us from rural villages and sugar cane plantations to the poor neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, and through the journey by yola across the sea between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  It is a compelling love story that unearths our deep ancestral connections to land, ritual and memory.

In the interest of full disclosure, I know this author personally.

If you are interested in participating and you have a twitter account please DM me so I can send you a reminder when we start. If you don’t just stop by the blog when we start reading.  And please pass this announcement on.

I look forward to talking abt the book w/ all of you. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Erzulie’s Skirt Virtual Book Group

  1. I don’t follow Twitter. Will you be posting all your messages here? I’ve just bought the book. I’ve been missing having some lesbian connection in my life. Thanks for doing this!

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    • the book group disbanded & no one, w/ a blog, but me offered to host it to keep it going.

      I will likely post a review of the book where ppl interested can discuss it in an open structure in the New Year

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