A Quick Note

It seems like I came back to blogging full time just in time to write a bunch of posts disparaging education … Let’s be clear, I am an academic and have been longer than I have not been at this point in my life. However, as someone entering from the margins and intentionally teaching at a marginalized and supposedly margin serving school, I’ve never really gotten on board with the idea that problems in education are intellectual puzzles to figure out instead of institutional forms of maintaining embedded divisions in society. So when I write these posts, it is less about some deep seeded disdain for education, which some trolls think I share with them, and more about shinning a bright light on the places where we continue to fail in the hopes that light will lead us out of the darkness. I just felt like I should say that given how much time I’ve had to spend on deconstructing education’s failures this week on the blog and twitter.

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