In Praise of Women of Color Poets

I’ve highlighted a lot of different woc poets on this blog in the past, each of whom has a different definition and relationships to the words “woman,” “feminism,” “race,” and “desire.” On Dec. 6th while working on a proposal to link local Latin@ artists and the social sciences on campus, I found myself coming back to these poems in my head.  For me they bridged forms and spoke of creation in ways that resonated for me in terms of the project I was working on, ie being in the middle of taking creativity and creation back from institutions that demean and twist them and rebirthing them as wholly ours, women of color creating art and using that art to cross forms and communities.

Here are the poems:

Poet Kantuta reads her poetry about Indigenous women’s empowerment and finding strength to open the June film showing of Bringing the Circle Together Native American Film Series:

Artist “Queen GodIs” poem at Brave New Voices 2009 reworks the Madonna figure while critiquing modern intersectional oppressions, all while embedding hope and rebirth:

Youth Poets Alysia and Alysha poem “hir” discussing the struggle of a transgendered youth to be seen and heard at school and his world

(There has been a lot of advocacy on the internet against using gender neutral terms because they ungender people who have chosen a gender identity; I want to point out that though this poem is about a person who also has a chosen gender identity, the poets were using the double entendre of hir/here to make a point about being seen, heard, and acknowledged as real in our society.)

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