Underwear? What Underwear?

My beautiful gf has bought us tickets to la isla for the last week of “vacation” before we have to go back to our offices and field add/drop requests, book order drama, and the beginning of term pre-class staff meetings, that all serve to remind me that academia is a 24-7 job. That’s right kids, that myth that we work 4 hours a week in classes is neither true of the majority of current faculty nor for those of us who have been blessed with a 2-2 teaching load (myself included). So I am grateful to be ending my most recent time in the states with the last episode of Dr. Who number 10 and beginning my New Year in earnest with a view of crystal blue water, wee ones running with the chickens, and the sound of the loud clap of dominoes hitting wood tables.

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the world is …

(And if you are wondering why I titled this “underwear what underwear”? It is because in order to get to La Isla mia, I have to take a plane ride with the new annoying airport security rules likely to expose my underwear through an invasive body scan because of some terrorist’s thankfully-malfunctioning-underwear.  grrr …. )


2 thoughts on “Underwear? What Underwear?

    • Jan 6?!? I refuse to even look to see when ours start again, but I know we aren’t coming back until end of week whether staff meeting gets set before then or not.

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