Earthquake Hits Haiti – Places to Donate

Young women, still strong, helped out of rubble by fellow Haitians co

It’s hard to write something pithy today in the face of yesterday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti. No other place in the Americas represents the point of such great hope (freedom), punishment (ie the global colonial sanction against Haiti for daring to revolt against slavery & win), or atrocity (perpetrated externally and internally).  And as such, no other place has been so completely vilified; even now, in the face of so much death, some people on the internet are claiming this is some payback from G-d. Still others turn away with compassion fatigue not based on any actual compassion but rather the belief that “there is always some poor black kid crying out somewhere.” Never do we ask why that is or how that happened. Yet, the global community still stands together for Haiti even amidst the naysayers. Multiple organizations have mobilized to help Haiti, while still others have been there all along and are simply asking for help with supplies and extra donations. Despite the negativity on the internet, the bulk of people are trying to do the best they can to raise awareness and get $ and supplies to Haiti, including the twitter folks circulating ways to donate via text message.

My heart bleeds for Haiti in ways words fail to describe and I am at a loss for what to say to you dear readers that I do not think you do or should already know. Instead, I will be working in my local community to help with Haitian relief efforts, and encourage you to do the same.

Places to Donate Labor, Supplies, &/or Money to Haiti

  • Americares – providing health care materials and relief aid via partners on the ground, donate $
  • Direct relief en route to Haiti, give $$
  • Doctors without Borders – has already set up emergency relief clinics on the ground, give $$ (may need supplies later as well)
  • Grassroots Online – partnering w/local social justice organizations to help distribute food, medical supplies, & other needs identified by Haitian social justice workers; asking for: Donate $$
  • Haiti Emergency Relief Fund – has been inworking on social, political, and human rights issues in Haiti for 6 years, asking: Donate $$
  • International Medical Core – currently deploying medical aid, asking for: donate $$
  • Madre – works with community based Haitian women’s organizations, will be helping women in crisis, needs: water tablets, antibiotics, medical supplies, also distributing food & clean water asking for: donate $$ or supplies, call for more info
  • Medical Teams International – sending teams to Haiti, 1st leaves tomorrow, asking for: donate $$ or medical supplies
  • Mercy Corp – putting together aid packages, sending ppl to help soon give $$ or volunteer
  • Operation Blessing – religious organization providing food, clean water, and basic medical supplies to Haiti, asking for : Donate $$
  • Operation USA – mobilizing to send medical aid, asking for: donate $$
  • Oxfam – you can donate over the phone @ 0300 200 1999, at any Oxfam shop, or online
  • Partners in Health – has clinics in Haiti, asking for medical supplies: Temporary field hospital by us at UNDP needs supplies, pain meds, bandages.
  • Quixote Center – long term grassroots organization working in US & Haiti, works w/ women’s groups & is sending earthquake aid
  • Red Cross has already allotted funds to relief effort; you can  give money via link or text “Haiti” to #90999 to give $10;  NO volunteer opportunities @ this time
  • Salvation army: asking for: donate $$
  • Save the Children emergency team already in Haiti give $ or volunteer
  • ShelterBox – has deployed a response team, needs donations
  • UNICEF – emergency teams already in Haiti give $ or volunteer
  • World Concern – offering food, clean water, blankets, and temp shelter to victims, asking for: Donate $$ (special link for Canadians so they don’t have to convert to dollars)
  • World Food Programme – provides emergency meals and clean water, sking for: Donate $$
  • World Vision – has existing Christian based children’s services in Haiti asking: donate $$, sponsor a child, pray for Haiti
  • Yele – the site has crashed due to so much interest in helping out but you can still donate $5 by texting the word “yele” to #501501 (I believe the $ is going to the red cross)

I’ll update it as info comes in. I have not included any relief organization that does not specifically say the money donated is going to Haiti; if you donate to an organization that does not mention Haiti, make sure to write “for Haitian relief only” on your check or in your contact with the agency. Also make sure to check that the organization is an established charity, through the better business bureau, as I’m sure similar scams like the ones during Katrina and the Tsunami will start to crop up soon, if they have not already.

If you are a relative of a US citizen in Haiti and are trying to get information about their safety, you can call 1-888-407-4747 or 202-647-5225

If you know of other places where people can donate or volunteer to help, please let us know!

18 thoughts on “Earthquake Hits Haiti – Places to Donate

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  6. The Peoria, Il non profit organization, Friends of the Children of Haiti has sent medical teams 6 times each year to Haiti. They have medical help in Haiti now and are sending a medical team on Monday. This group organized 26 years ago and has built a medical clinic 25 miles from Port- au-prince. They operate completely with volunteers and donations. Go to their web site to see their current blogs, the work they do and how you can help. Any money they receive goes directly to their work in Haiti.

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  9. The largest functional health organization in southwest Haiti, the Haitian Health Foundation is located in the city of Jérémie. For more than 28 years, HHF has created a stable preventive and curative health and development program in the poorest area of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In addition to the city of Jérémie, HHF provides support to over 225,000 people in 104 rural mountain villages. Haitian Health Foundation has received the highest rating – 4 stars – on and is proud of an overhead of less than 8 cents per donated dollar, with over 92 percent of funds collected going directly to services for the poor.

    • thanks Ellen, & everyone else, for all these additional resources; I’ll be trying to add them into the main body of the post under UPDATES soon (or have added them to additional funding posts published after this one).

      You all make me so proud of what we can do to educate each other & work for social justice using a simple tool like the internet. thanks!

  10. We have already donated money and are clearing out items from our home and would like to know if househoild items, such as stuffed animals, toys and adult clothes would be wanted for a donation. I live in Chino Ca 91710 6o miles east of LA.

  11. [this comment has been removed for the profoundly inappropriate decision of its poster to use the crisis in Haiti to raise money for a completely different cause; this is against ToS and a disservice to people in need in Haiti and where you are trying to raise money; next time use the say hey page if you want me to cover something or pay for advertising in regular places like everyone else – sincerely Prof Susurro]

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