Donate to Gay & Trans People in Haiti

Word just came over twitter that the main queer organization serving Port au Prince was devastated by the earthquake. The members of SEROvie were having their weekly meeting in the capital when the earthquake hit, killing 14 of their members. Only two people attending the meeting survived. Survivors sent out emails to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission asking for help. SEROvie specifically serves gay men (men who have sex with men) and the transgendered community (primarily trans women). They are one of the only organizations that have made any public statement about serving the transgendered community, a group that we saw be marginalized and put in peril during Katrina by many of the same US based aid organizations now in Haiti. Their work includes important education about gay rights, HIV prevention, and support groups for both gay and transgendered people; they also help with gay and trans sex workers rights.

If you would like to give money to SEROvie please click here.

The US based Rainbow World Fund, which works in HIV prevention, has partnered with Cares to help with LGBTQ appropriate services to Haiti. 100% of donations go directly to Haiti BUT to make sure they go to Haiti and not the general pool, please mark your donation “for Haiti”.  click here to donate.

6 thoughts on “Donate to Gay & Trans People in Haiti

  1. This is great information about donating to SEROvie via IGLHRC.

    Another organization that has been supporting queer social justice groups for over 30 years is the Astraea Foundation (full name: Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice).

    Astraea learned within the past few days that the director of one their grantee partners in Haiti, Fanal Otenik Sant D’A Jakmel died in the earthquake. Astraea has also been in touch with partners in the DR, specifically Las Tres Gatas, a lesbian feminist collective, and trans group Transsa Dominicana both of whose members are traveling to the border of Haiti/DR to deliver medical and services. Both groups also will work together to deliver theatre and art therapies. In addition to giving to IGLHRC, which is an excellent org, please also consider giving to Astraea:

    • i didn’t realize Astrea was working with Dominicans on the Haiti issue; are they taking donations or just giving grant $ to the two programs to do work in Haiti?

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    • yes … wanted to say more but … what is there to say but we all need to rebuild, we all need to work together on the systemic & the immediate

  3. Thanks for sharing this news. Wow, only two people survived. 😦 Haiti really needs help, and I’m especially proud of all the LGBT Americans who raised over $150,000 in a week for the LGBT Haiti relief fund via the American Red Cross. I posted an article about it on my blog today. We really know how to step up in a time of need.

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