BHM: The Valentine’s Edition

Who better to cover for Valentine’s Day than Sade?

Sade Adu blew away the music scene with her soulful love songs in 1984. Her debut album, Diamond Life sold over 50 million copies and included songs like “Smooth Operator” and “Your Love is King”. The former continues to play on radio today.

The African-born, black British songstress’ sound mixed soul, jazz, R & B, and a wee bit of new wave, that was yet distinctly her own. Her lyricism touched deep chords amongst her fans and music critics exposing the beauty and the pain of love. Though she is often talked about for her moving voice, it is important to note that she is also credited for writing or co-writing the majority of the songs in her career, and all of the songs on her first three albums. And while she has only released 6 studio albums in 25 years, preferring to focus on her interpersonal relationships and family, the power of her voice has kept people enthralled by her musical journey.

Her string of hits have not only provided the soundtrack for many women’s love affairs, but has also given many women of color a voice from which to speak their own desires, joys, and heart aches. While her music has universal appeal, I am hard pressed to think of any of my friends from within the black diaspora who do not have a Sade album and a story unique to the black female experience that come attached to why they love it. For me, I remember that Sade was one of a handful of black women who I could count on seeing on MTV or hearing on my radio outside of Hip Hop and that was critical b/c at the time I was living in a state with very few people of color and any reflection of blackness, and bi-racial identity, made me feel less alone.

Here is the latest release from Sade, Soldier of Love, which is already making old fans swoon and new fans rediscover the soulful side of love:

So this Valentine’s Day, whether you are planning something with a loved one or just with the person you should always remember to love, ie yourself, why not also celebrate a little black herstory with the songstress of love: Sade. 🙂 Whatever you do, remember to love and be loved today and not let a holiday define or judge you.

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