Technical Difficulties

My post for today’s BHM on Veronica Chambers got eaten by wordpress twice. Twice I hit “publish” and twice it logged me out and deleted all my work. I think this was the powers that be telling me to take off my academic hat, cling to my delusions of anonymity, and write something that folks can read at the office without a dictionary, copy of Bhabha and Spivak, and a Spanish-English dictionary on the ready.  (The post was academic pub quality b/c not only was I writing in academese, it hit on several issues that I write about in real life; I had delusions of publishing it for real. “Anonymity” be damned.) So tomorrow I will write two BHM posts and I promise not to be so dazzled by the shiny screen and promise of “give me a raise” pubs that it won’t hurt so much I can’t write it again if wordpress eats it tomorrow … (ie sorry folks you are getting the blogese version of the post and it is going to be late)

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