My Thoughts are with Chile

AFP/Martin Bernetti

Just as I was sitting down thinking about how to write a post reminding people not to forget about earthquake victims in Haiti or their initial inclination to help and to monitor aid there, news of the devastating quake and subsequent tsunami in Chile reached me. One of the largest earthquakes on record in the Americas, clocking in at 8.8, hit Santiago this morning. Not only did the quake cause major damage in one of the largest cities in Chile but the after shocks could be felt throughout the surrounding area. 214 people have lost their lives so far. My thoughts and prayers are with them. As information about where to donate come in I will make a list. (So far residents of smaller towns in the area are collecting food from destroyed stores and distributing it throughout their neighborhoods to help people with no resources and banning together to help clear rubble; the Chilean government has also dispatched medical personnel and aid to hardest hit areas)

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