Spring Cleaning

Update: the format has changed again, no more twitter link up top. click here if you want to see the twitter.


As you have likely already noticed, we are reworking the design of the blog. I am trying to find something simple, efficient, and capable of displaying all of the header tabs we have here. Unfortunately, most of the available options make you choose between Splashy or Customizable colors/images and function. So it’s a work in progress but we shall see. Until we settle on something, we here at the blog have decided to embrace change and roll with it. Any suggestions you have are welcome, but as always snark is not.

PS. For readers always asking how to find me on twitter, the current theme (brown header at top) has a link to my twitter page. And no, you don’t have to join twitter to read the feed, but you do have to join if you want to talk back. Adverse to joining the hive mind? Then you can always keep using the “say hey” page here at the blog but I won’t get back to you in real time.

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