Unbelievable: Corey Feldman Will Not Attend Corey Haim’s Funeral

Normally, I put these kinds of updates in with the original post, but I felt like this one needed highlighting. Corey Feldman, Corey Haim’s best friend, has released a statement saying he will not attend Haim’s funeral. According to Feldman, Corey’s mother’s religious beliefs and desire for an “intimate” funeral are keeping him away. However, in the same press release, Feldman indicates that while he will not be attending the burial/ceremony for family and friends, he is planning a memorial of his own where he promises the media full access. So is he not going to his best friend’s funeral because Haim’s mom is more religious than the ordained by mail one time celebrity preacher Feldman or because there is no opportunity for a photo op?

note how Feldman has a grp standing around listening to Feldman’s call without telling him


when he stands up Haim, all Haim says is he expected more but will work on himself

In the previous post on the two Coreys, I tried to give Feldman the benefit of the doubt despite the way he and his wife seemingly treated Haim and the brutal way they dished over him in his absences on the reality show. (I especially think he deserved this given some tell all interviews Haim did about the couple and the fact that reality shows are scripted and edited, not in fact reality.) Like most people, I have no way of knowing what their friendship was like behind the cameras nor how much damage each Corey did to the other as the years went by. More than that, as I argued in that previous post, both Coreys have linked abuse histories that seemed to create a bond that was both brotherly and a particularly toxic codependence. We can never know what they went through together or depths of Feldman’s emotions.

Unfortunately, despite empathizing with both young men, the latest actions from Feldman (both his accusations about other people not looking out for Corey Haim until his death, while he too gave up on Haim multiple times, and now his promised media friendly memorial service in lieu of attending his “best friend’s” actual burial) make it hard to not at least question his motives. In the wake of Haim’s death, Feldman has taken many media opportunities that other people in his position in the past have shunned. And while Corey Haim is ultimately responsible for the choices he made and the bridges he burned, Feldman too is responsible for the what he has done and is doing.

No one but Corey Feldman knows what Haim would have wanted him to do with regards to his funeral, but I believe Corey Feldman deserves more than what is being offered him in death as much as he deserved more than what he got from life.

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