What if You Believed You Could Change the World?

Chavez mural/John Estrada

Cesar Chavez did and with help from friend and colleague Dolores Huerta he started a movement for migrant workers’ rights and Latin@ pride. Though the struggle continues, Chavez’s ideas and commitment to social justice are so frightening to the status quo that members of the Arizona Legislature fought to have him removed from the curriculum, Texas initiated changes in national history books to remove his story, and the Mayor of Portland Oregon actually sided with racists to prevent the naming of a street after him (which I am told was finally settled after the Mayor then stepped on the API community by arbitrarily deciding to put it in China Town where no streets are named after API Americans either and then another heated vote occurred). For those of us who live in places where Chavez Street is a given and his history has always been part of our own, it is easy to forget the truly revolutionary legacy of the man who dared to believe he could change the world. And if the neo-cons have their way, whole generations will lose yet another example of committed, engaged, social justice in the U.S.

What could you do, if you washed the apathy off, stopped believing the news when it tells you no one in the U.S. stands up for anything anymore, and/or stopped participating in mindless or violent rallies (people who abused horses this weekend in the name of ending brutality against humans, I am talking to you) and started to believe that you had the power to change the world?

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