Lesbian Humor: Just Because

So after compiling the slide show for the last post and teaching class for a colleague this a.m., I really thought we should all share in some insider humor. Except of course, we are not all insiders are we? And what is disconcerting about both of these pieces is that while they resonate on a deep level with those of us who play on the home team, they may take a while for those who don’t play at all. I found myself thinking about that when I originally saw the Glee clip while reading about both prom exclusions for lesbian and gay students and expulsion for trans ones and I found myself thinking it again this a.m. as I told a joke that fell flat on the largely het, largely conservative, students in the “not my department(s)” class. Oh well, at least I get to laugh in my head …

and the most un-credible April Fool’s joke

Coming up, the first post-gripa movie review …

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