IPad vs Netbook

Here is the nitty gritty comparison between the netbook and the IPad


Net Book

  • No Printing – add at cost w/ limited success
  • Print Ready
  • Virtual KeyBoard – requires “pecking”, ie 1 finger typing
  • Regular shrunken key board – works for me but ppl have complained abt size
  • Amazing Video Quality
  • Regular Quality
  • Limited Access to Free Video Content
  • Limitless Access to Free Video Content
  • Needs peripherals & other computer to be full functional
  • Stand alone machine
  • No way to dump cookies except on Safari
  • Delete Cookies same way you do on regular computer
  • Always Logged on
  • Log on and Off as You Choose
  • No Screen Protector
  • Screen Locks Shut
  • No way to prop up computer on own
  • Standard format – elevated screen, keyboard below
  • No privacy for screen
  • Standard privacy for screen
  • Endless Apps for Free or small to medium cost
  • No Apps – however, access to freeware or wide range of software
  • Images and Websites adjust to screen size
  • Some Images and Websites adjust others require endless scrolling
  • No carrying Case
  • No Carrying Case

Ultimately, if you want great sound and visuals to play games or watch movies, both of which you have likely paid for rather than gotten for free at a site like Hulu,  the IPad still has its merits but they are few and far between for most multi-taskers. If you do want it just for games and movie watching however, not only do its graphics and sound trump the Acer but its battery life makes any of the netbooks crawl away in shame. (You can watch 1 movie on the Acer before the battery dies; you can have a movie marathon on the IPad) And yes, I am still playing with mine, but I have contemplated eating the $100+ restocking fee more than once.


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