Dixie Carter as Julia Sugarbaker

On the hypocrisy of and policing by neo-conservatives/politicians

On solidarity and infighting (via the pageant)

I’m sure it comes as no shock that we in the Susurro household loved Julia Sugarbaker as much as we loved Murphy Brown. And I have been told that Dixie Carter was no less fiery an advocate for women and civil rights or for the right of women and girls to speak their minds. As both the fictional character she played and the real woman she was, she inspired many to be passionate, strong, and stand up even when you had to stand alone. She did it with a Southern drawl many on the Left discount as some how less intelligent and as such embodied a feminist politic that we often fail to recognize and therefore help shove to the other side. Dixie Carter was a Republican and though I fundamentally disagree with Republican politics, I can’t help but wonder how it is such an outspoken, strong supporter of women, gay, and people of color’s rights and a woman who passed so easily as a liberal on our tvs so many nights ended up on the other side … There is a lesson, more than one, in that I think.

Dixie Carter died yesterday at age 70.

2 thoughts on “Dixie Carter as Julia Sugarbaker

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  2. I adore Julia Sugarbaker and routinely revisit the show now that it is gradually hitting the DVD market. Julia was one of the most influential television characters to my little queer teenage self. We also cannot forget Julia’s speech to Charlene’s doctor about women’s health after he gave Charlene a clean bill of health following a breast exam, or her fiery sermon to an old friend for spewing homophobic viewpoints. When Dixie played that role, she gave those speeches with poise, confidence, and just enough of that sweet Southern twang that her opponents never knew what hit them.

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