So You Say You Want to Boycott Arizona?

“No services for people from AZ” Octavio Gallego/

Here is a list of AZ businesses and contact information. Please keep in mind that by choosing to boycott businesses you run the risk of making the right choice (telling AZ that there is a real cost to bigotry) on the backs of the wrong people (workers who likely had very little to do with the drafting or passing of the anti-immigrant anti-civil rights bill). If you want to engage in the most ethical intersectional boycott, you may wish to contact these businesses and ask what their stance is on SB 1070; for instance, Buffalo Exchange has left a comment on this post and on their website stating they do not support the bill but they are an AZ based company and therefore on the list of companies being circulated for boycott. If a company does not support SB 1070, you might consider shopping there more and sending in emails or cards that say you are shopping there instead of another business that does support the bill out of solidarity with both workers and undocumented people. The choice is ultimately yours and I hope having a list of AZ based companies helps you know which companies are based in Arizona and how to go about making up your mind about how you will show solidarity with basic civil rights in N. America.

Arizona Diamondbacks – OWNER ACTIVELY SUPPORTED SB 1070 despite his claims to contrary
based in Phoenix
baseball team

based in Tucson
computer games: Turkey Hunter; Shell Whirl; Vegas Jackpot Gold; others

Best Western International (hotel chain)
based in Phoenix
4000 hotels in 80 countries

Buffalo Exchange – DOES NOT SUPPORT SB 1070
based in Tucson
used, second-hand and recycled clothes

Channel Master
based in Gilbert
television accessories

Circle K
based in Tempe
international convenience store chain
wholly-owned subsidiary of Alimentation Couche-Tard (Laval, Quebec)

Cold Stone Creamery
based in Scottsdale
ice cream parlor chain (1400 stores worldwide)
subsidiary of Kahala Corporation, also based in Scottsdale (also runs
Ranch1 and Taco Time fast food chains)

Dial Corporation (formerly Greyhound Dial Corporation)
based in Scottsdale
subsidiary of Henkel North America (parent company Henkel International
based in Dusseldorf, Germany)
Dial soap and anti-perspirant deodorant; AromaSense; Armour Star canned
meats; Borateem; Boraxo; Coast soap; Combat insect control; Dry Idea
deodorant; Fels-Naptha soap; Pure and Natural beauty products; Purex
laundry detergent; Renuzit air freshener; Right Guard deodorant; Twenty
Mule Team Borax

Discount Tire Company
based in Scottsdale
nationwide tire chain

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
based in Scottsdale
guitars, basses, amplifiers, etc.

Flying Buffalo, Inc.
based in Scottsdale
game company: board games, card games; Tunnels and Trolls, Nuclear War
card game, Death Dice, others

Go Daddy Group, Inc.
based in Scottsdale
domain registrar; web hosting

PetSmart, Inc.
based in Phoenix
pet supplies; pet grooming

Ramada Worldwide hotel chain
based in Phoenix
900 hotels around the world
subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide

Shamrock Farms
based in Phoenix
dairy products: various “Mmmmilk” products; Rockin’ Refuel; “Milk
Essentials” for Kids; various frozen treats

U-Haul International, Inc.
based in Phoenix
car, truck and equipment rental company

US Airways Group
based in Tempe
US Airways; PSA Airlines, Piedmont Airlines

8 thoughts on “So You Say You Want to Boycott Arizona?

    • I support boycott’s as an economic-social strategy but I think we need to make the most ethical decisions available to us. I’m not local so I can’t really say anything but “do your research”

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  3. Boycott or no boycott, I’m staying away from AZ. The place is filled with racist lunatics. Why would I want to vacation in a gigantic asylum like Arizona?

    • I think a lot of people feel that way right now; here’s hoping they still do when AZ has faded from national news.

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