An Ode to Mothers …

Mom n The Mural/ Tinobear/2008

This image moved me not only because of the way her son situated her within a larger Latin@ herstory but also how the image was captioned:

My mom becomes one with the women in this mural. She’s my favorite Chicana hero.

While mothers are human and many some times seem to or actually fail us in various moments in our lives, I think it is important to remember that our mothers shape us in many ways, leading us toward or away from certain kinds of choices, activism, and consciousness. For many women of color, our mothers are our first feminist role models and the discourse of generational conflict serves to erase that or shame us for it when we should celebrate. For many queer youth, our mothers are our first heroes standing between us and the world, whether those mothers are biological moms who keep us safe in our homes and our communities as children or chosen mothers who look out for us when biology fails. These are the mothers who build nations and movements and whole people but whose names never make it into the textbooks or the canons. And I love that this image reminds us exactly who our mothers are and why we should honor them regardless of whether they are natal moms or mothers from families we choose.

Mom and Grandmom 1953/reihime

Sequioa Ambushes Mom/ S. Dreilinger

extended family/ Kidiro Sato

Our mothers represent our herstories from gandmothers to mothers, from culture to culture, from adoption to new birth, they presence is with us.

Unconditional Love/ Azfigs/2010


They teach us faith and rebellion, all in the name of being true to ourselves and making our way(s) in this world.

Mom N Me/ Malik Williams

Amazing Moms/ Lifeshadow/2008

They gave us strength in the face of oppressions.

Mom and Daughter Cooking/unattributed

welcome home/ quintin roux

Mother’s Day/ Oswaldo Zoom

And they give us comfort in the form of instruction, love, and home even when we think we are too cool, too young, too old, or too-too for their love.

So here is to you mama, Happy Mother’s Day.

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