Ways You can Participate in Resistance to AZ

For those who live in other states besides Arizona and don’t shop at most of the AZ based businesses that are currently on the boycott list, it might seem like you have no way to publicly express your concern and support for the return of Civil Rights in Arizona. In thinking about what we could do as academics, several of us have been talking about doing Ethnic Studies teach-ins during the summer for free in middle and high school settings. Others have been considering putting together ethnic studies packets and zines to pass out in Arizona over the summer. While I think the best way to impact Civil Rights for immigrants, and others impacted by similar policing policies, is community education coupled with real immigration reform, these activities may be less visible to people without the time or inclination to go to discussions, film showings, teach-ins, etc.

Other options you can participate in at the same time or as an alternative include:

  • Placing a bumper sticker from moveon.org and presente.org on your car, side of your bike or bike basket, or your backpack if you take public transit & using the conversations it incites as another option to add back in the community ed/dialogue piece. These bumper stickers are free, including shipping. click here for yours

  • purchase the “Do I look Illegal” t-shirt here; funds go to pay for awareness videos on youtube and for use in community education events
  • Boycott responsibly – including contacting any organizations to which you are a member and asking them to pass a resolution to refuse to hold any conventions or contract in anyway with Arizona or Arizona based companies

  • Signing the cuentame protest against SB 1070 at facebook here

  • Participate in the March on Arizona May 29,2010

  • Send a thank you card to the following businesses and state governments who have publicly denounced SB 1070 and/or SB 2281:

  • Ask the President to engage in real immigration reform here

3 thoughts on “Ways You can Participate in Resistance to AZ

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  2. Only a “Repulsican” could invent such an outrageous, ill intentioned, mean spirited and cruel “Law.” I’m so ashamed of Arizona, so physically beautiful and so mentally disturbed in so many areas.

    Annie A. Petersen

    • I think it is a disservice to people with mental health issues to compare them to Arizona government officials.

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