Just This Morning

  1. some race supremacy website linked here and then 150 of their followers spammed the blog for a few hours
  2. I was confronted with an incident from the past that changed me, my relationships in the feminist and radical woc blogosphere, and the position of this blog in ways that an apology cannot fix (tho the apology was important to me and the person making it was being quite brave in doing so & it does represent moving forward in a good way)
  3. I looked at my stats for wordpress wednesday, about how they seldom highlight any authors of color, queer, elder, working class authors, trans, poc, or same sex specific posts, in the context of a discussion about wordpress I had yesterday in which the conclusion was “yeah, they suck but how are they any worse than any of the other options on the internet that are all cis-hetero-eurocentric”
  4. I was made acutely aware of how a marginalized person can levy one oppression as retaliation for or to avoid addressing another & to think about if I am capable of such a thing or have done such a thing myself because I just assumed that does not happen (yes I am naive like that)

My ironic brain called up this song

which of course contradicts the real meaning behind all of these events and yet speaks so plainly to why people in power act the way they do.

Yep, my students have been loving me sunny attitude this fine class day.

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