Question of the Day?

Based on the still largely gender segregated profession and perception of the sexuality availability of flight attendants, do you think that this new tactic to get people to think about safety on the airline is creative or demeans? can it be both?

One thought on “Question of the Day?

  1. I can only answer this from my perspective. I have no knowledge of the gender segregation statistics nor the statistics that support the claim that flight attendants are perceived as sexually available.

    Reading your questions and looking at the video, I put myself in the mindset of an executive with the company concerned with raising the profile of our commitment to passenger safety. I imagine that as this executive, I have traveled countless times and noticed that no one pays attention to the safety instructions at the beginning of the flight. I ask myself how could I make the demonstration more engaging?

    I noticed something about these flight attendants. They were wearing pants. I’ve rarely seen a female flight attendant in pants. They were khaki pants, loose-fitting chinos. There was nothing sexy about their behavior, dancing or their dress. The music was upbeat, and catchy. They looked as though they were having fun. My perception of them was that they were friendly and fun. I could see a male flight attendant doing the same dance.

    I got no sexual vibes at all.

    But again, that’s just me. Maybe I’m naive. I would find it demeaning perhaps if there had been some slow song with sexually oriented meaning and the women had been wearing tight fitting clothes, short skirts, high heels, or something that would communicate “sex” or “sexy”. Again, maybe I’m naive.

    So to answer your question, I think it is only creative. It caught my attention and held it.

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