Quickies: The Sci Fi Edition (Tennant/Barrowman/Davies Kiss & Singer goes BSG)

Thanks to Bilerico (via twitter), I have video of the infamous unscripted kiss between David Tennant and John Barrowman at Comicon. Barrowman was as giddy with the stupid about it as I expect some of my readers will be even tho it was the tamest kiss ever. (I’ve said it before, if anyone could pull off window dressing on Dr. Who,  it would be Tennant.)

In other news, Brian Singer has signed on to do a BSG movie for theater release. I didn’t even know they were thinking of going to cinema instead of milking the franchise with more video prequels to the new series. Long time readers know, I think Brian Singer redefined the comic film genre and has set the bar so high that very few people come close to reaching his cinematic accomplishments. More than that Singer has consistently offered films that challenge stereotypical misogyny, homophobia, and racial erasure or racist characters in the graphic novel to film genre. His somewhat absence of late has witnessed the genre slipping back toward extremely offensive and xenophobic characters. I cannot imagine a better combination to put that in check than BSG and Brian Singer.  I can also only hope that with Singer at the helm, the queer storylines that were given such short shrift in the series will actually be integral to the film and there will be a return of at least one butch girl on screen ‘cos a femme deserves a little somethin’ once in a while too.

Between Brian Singer and Russell T Davies, the world is a beautiful place.

here’s a longer version of the comicon panel just b/c

And in Even Fluffier News


David Tennant is staying with Dr. Who until 2010 and then . . . we’ll have to see. 😀 This plus the great chemistry between Martha and Capt. Jack that makes me all giddy again for the upcoming Torchwood season have officially banished my hurt/anger at the unfortunate incident that shall not be named.

I’m more than occasionally a big ol’ sci fi geek, what’s your point?!


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Dr. Who and Torchwood Too

As regular readers know, I am a big Dr. Who and Torchwood fan. I have not written much about this season of the Doctor because I have not been that impressed by rehashed sci fi plots and giant wasp love affairs, and I love the genre enough not to openly mock them. So trust me when I tell you that if you watch no other episodes this season you must watch 4.08 and 4.09 airing over the next two weeks in the states. These episodes are intelligently written, well acted, full of suspense, and better still great clues to the future of the show (tho not as clever as they think – I know who she is). There is also a constant reference to “spoilers” throughout both episodes, and I will take heed to the clever way they have asked us not to spoil what is ahead and simply say: watch.

While you can feel free to skip the following episode (4.10), it’s been done to death and is quite boring, do not miss the finale and the Christmas episode. These are reportedly Tennant’s last moments with the series and all though I have not been impressed with the butched-up Tennant this season, I am going to miss him. He was really all the best quirky bits of Doctors past and it is a shame to lose any part of him. And no, I am still not happy about his rumored replacement who I love as an actor and who I think stinks as the choice for the Dr.

(Rose Tyler fans, she officially returns 4.11 – in the states that is 2-3 weeks away. And as reported before Martha will be in the finale. If you are a Tennant fan, you must not miss 4.12)

Speaking of losing . . . I have no such loyalty to Torchwood anymore so here come the “spoilers.” After the large outcry from fans about proposed changes to the show and a rather untenable idea of mounting a full season without much Capt. Jack the decision has been made to turn Torchwood into a mini-series. Next season will be one 5 episode storyline imagined as a one week event (likely to be a 5 week event in the states). As I’ve said before, Martha and Gwen will both be on board with Jack and Ianto. I haven’t been able to find out what the changes mean for Marsters who said he was onboard for series 3 before the final configuration was put together. There has been no word as to whether any future “mini-series” are in the works or if this is the last hurrah for the groundbreaking science fiction show. All I can say is, Shame on Barrowman’s ego. Shame. Shame.

The stint the entire team puts in at the Doctor Who finale is priceless by the way. Ianto gets to snark. Gwen gets to worry. Jack gets to make smarmy references about 3-ways, or is that 4-ways . . . ? I do so love his chemistry with Martha as well, you get the respect and the care their every time. Please oh please rethink the mini-series madness BBC.

(Oh and Here! Network, please set your writers, directors, and budget folks to getting us a good queer scifi show. Spend the money that is needed to get a solid cast and proper effects; hire the people from Torchwood if you have to. I trust you to fix Torchwood’s absence for all of us should that ultimately be what happens at the end of the miniseries.)

The Whos Down in Whoville have gone off the deep end

As if I could not be more disappointed lately, major shake ups are rumored at both Dr. Who and Torchwood according to SciFi Pulse. This is like cheap icing on a dry cake. The cake: the first episode of Dr. Who and Sarah Jane Chronicles that both contained questionable racial and body image narratives that with regards to the former, left me wondering if this would be the first season of Dr. Who I would not see all the way through (having seen the entire run of Dr. Who in my niñez). The second episode of the season, in Rome, is much more in keeping with what fans expect from the show: a bad CGI monster or two, Dr. Who saving the world while making quirky comments, and a few well placed comments/helpers from Tate and others. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite episode but it was good.

That being said here is the scoop:

  • Barrowman is rumored to be complaining there are too many episodes in a Torchwood season for him to do his other projects . . . so the rumor goes, he will be leaving next season early on and guesting once and a while

  • As I hinted at before, rumors have it that Freema will join the cast next season and she and Gwen will become the corner stones of the new “family friendly” version of Torchwood (bye Ianto)

  • Tennant will also be leaving the world of Who at season’s end being replaced by fellow Scott Robert Carlyle

Here’s the thing, Torchwood is built around Jack though it is an ensemble the folklore does not seem to stand up without either him or the Doctor present. It is also best when it is melancholy and dramatic, this is when the actors give their best performances, when the writers give us food for thought and snark to quote, and when the concept of the show itself shines as both implicated in the Dr. Who world but also a stand alone. A newer, tweenie, Torchwood where Gwen’s marital woes take center stage, Ianto puts the tea down and disappears without nary a snark nor a romp or turns into gun toting Ianto, and little kids suddenly live next door or worse are invisible sprites popping forth from the now evolved weevils sounds about as fun as as watching those insipid teletubbies. I love Freema, but I will not watch to see her and Gwen play tiddly winks for the tweens on Torchtubbies. What exactly is Marsters supposed to do in this world? Oh . . . steal Jack’s heart and take him away on wristband related adventures . . . I am suddenly getting worried by this rumor . . . worried.

I also happen to be a rather big fan of Robert Carlyle but as someone who has watched many an incarnation of the Doctor in my lifetime, and seen every episode of the entire show, much of it multiple times, all I can say is “I don’t think so.” I won’t watch. I won’t. It isn’t just that for me Tennant is like a mix of all of the best Doctor’s past, Carlyle just doesn’t fit the Converse.

I watch three shows for escapism: BSG (canceled & so far really bad this season), Dr. Who (soon to be canceled due to poor casting choices), and Torchwood (soon to be starring Tinky Winky cooing lovingly at Gwen) . . .

All I can say is: You are a mean one Mr. Grench! Bring the presents back to Whoville so we can all join hands and sing . . . or I may have to show you why you never ever piss off a celt. Let alone a feminist on the edge.

Dr. Who, Dr. Who (Minor Spoilers)

Ok. So I’m passing along a few tidbits without comment b/c well . . . b/c.

  • Martha will rejoin Dr. Who on episode 4 of the upcoming series (that is most likely 6 in the U.S.)tennantc
  • There is some overlap between Martha and Rose’s stint
  • Rose is signed on for 3 episodes
  • She also appears briefly in the season opener (episode 3 for N. Americans)
  • According to Torchwood info Martha’s fiance’s name is Tom (yes photos of a ring have surfaced)
  • Rose’s ex-bf Mickey (or a parallel version of him) is in the last episode of the season/series and surprise, surprise, people are already ignoring the Tom info to assume that Martha is with him . . . b/c . . .
  • The promo for the season should be on heavy rotation soon, I saw it several months ago and I just don’t think it is that great so I haven’t and won’t repost it
  • The first official episode of the season is gross – no matter how cuddly you make fat creatures look watching them pop off bodies is gross
  • The discussion of Martha was really poorly done as well; tho it was painful to see her leave, I wish they had just let her walk out (that first time) and been done with it, because if episode 1 is any indication, I don’t want to see what happens next.
  • The dynamic between Tate and the Dr. is also a new twist that fans will either really like or not like at all – and no that is not a comment about desire (there is none of that this time around) but about the interaction between them.
  • Tate is funny, especially in that bit behind the door, but we all knew that.
  • Some fans have already started sites with doctored pictures of Tate kicking Agyeman’s butt . . . b/c . . .


I can’t really say much about the series. As per usual people in the U.S. the season will start next weekend with the Christmas episode, so the season will be 1-2 episodes longer than in Britain. I already did a post on that episode, so I won’t go into detail here. I thought it was a really good episode overall and I found Kylie Minogue way more interesting than some of the other companions we have seen or will see this season. It is too bad she (SPOILER) doesn’t make it; if they were going to resurrect anybody from an untenable place, it should have been her. She was fun and no not just b/c of her boots.


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jackmarthaMartha Jones, of Dr. Who, will join the cast of Torchwood for 3 episodes to aid Captain Jack.  She will be slightly older and have completed her medical degree.

Freema said she was glad to have the opportunity to broaden the character and the she will be “a much more grown up” woman when she returns to the Dr. Who series mid-season.  Though she deftly avoided addressing the “love me, please love me,” including the comparisons, she did say that “Martha and the Doctor will be on more equal footing the next time around.”

I for one hopes this means that they will get back to the business of story telling as it has been for nearly 30 years sans all the racialized subtext.  Something tells me that Martha’s “growing up” will in fact be the cure without addressing the symptom.