More Radical Opportunities in NOLA

With all the talk of who is doing what over in the Gulf, I thought it might be nice to announce an event where people are actually pooling knowledge, talking about change, and then getting down to the business of it. It won’t stop BP from telling their version of truth about what is going on with the oil spill or their seemingly unrealistic version of how long clean up will take, but if you are tired of the spin and want to work on all of the other and intersecting issues going on in the region while taking a break from trying to save fragile wildlife, here’s one such place to start:

Last month, more than fifty people took part in spellbinding story sharing and conversation with Ms. Dodie Smith-Simmons. This Thursday, join John O’Neal for storytelling and conversation about nonviolence as a tactic and a way of life.

What: Talkin’ Revolution: Conversations with Elders who Led the Way, featuring John O’Neal
When: Thursday, June 10, 7pm
Where: The 7th Ward Neighborhood Center,
1910 Urquhart Street at Pauger Street