Obama: Drunken Negro Face?


A bakery made popular by Sex and the City and frequented by NYC celebs, decided to mark Obama’s inauguration with “Drunken Negro Face” cookies. When questioned about the cookies, the baker responded that the name of the cookies had been reported incorrectly and that they were actually called “Drunken N—-r Cookies.” The baker also implied that he had done nothing wrong b/c . . . drum roll . . . he thought they were “funny” and . . . drum roll . . . anybody who thinks they are more than a joke “should be ashamed of themselves.”

That’s right the Drunken N Cookies were a hilarious joke and it is the handful of people who reported the baker, and not everyone did, who should be ashamed of their own racism that made them see his offer to serve them up the way Lincoln “got his” as anything other than a funny ha ha.

Do you see why I remain cynical about the state of our union?


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