My Name: Potente Susurro, professor42-15650320

Goal: as free, creative, and justice oriented a conversation as possible on a public space; the title of this blog comes from a song about ordinary people fomenting a powerful revolution and I believe you can do that with a blog. I’ve done it before. 😀

Audience: Everyone. Come as you are. No comments are stupid. No words will be censored except hate speech. I do also ask that you not engage in flaming and  foul language when you post comments; generally, if you forget, I’ll ask you to follow the rules before editing a comment or omit letters or words from your expletive.

Copyright: This blog has a common’s license and a copyright. DO NOT reprint ANY material from this blog without a proper citiation. (And please do not copy more than a paragraph – 3 to 4 sentences – if you decide to reprint part of the blog post along with your citation.)

Minor details: I am a woman of color with a PhD and an appointment in an interdisciplinary field. I used to write about my experiences as an academic alongside important and fluffy socio-political issues in our world. I can’t tell you what I will write about now, I’m letting the process be organic. And you know, I’m trying to keep this space healthy. This is NOT an academic blog.