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Have something to say but no corresponding post with which to say it? Here’s your chance.


This space is for you! So say Hey : D (This idea was found at Miss Profe’s blog, one of my original readers from 2+ years back.)

59 thoughts on “Say Hey

  1. Hello, my nmae is Khandi and I’m from G&G Ent and I’m trying to get in touch with the editor to see if they would be interested in doing an interview on my artist B.O.I. Sha…

    • Welcome to the blog Khandi. This is a blog and while the readership is growing it is not nearly as widely regarded as my previous blog. Might I suggest you contact BlackFemiPower at or Racialicious at both of which have a much wider readership?

  2. sister,
    i am not sure how i found your blog. either way, i am absolutely grateful that i found your words, your thoughts. it was timely reading the post on lent. since the beginning of the year, i have been wrapped up, almost obsessively inclined, in the search of our lady and her different reincarnations. reading the post and oogling on the poster, had to google the artist, i knew it as an affirmation of what i feel. i haven’t blogged in years,it makes my heart swirl in happiness that there are other sisters such as yourself who have kept the cord going. btw, i love vandana shiva. i discovered her work while living in kenya. her book, ecofeminism travelled with me to, that i am preparing to travel to the next adventure, i am at loss what to carry with me. what are your essential la revolutionary texts, fiction or otherwise. email reply would be great. also, one last thing, id like to share this track from ali farka toure.i cant stop listening to him

    peace and love.
    mbuya nehanda

    • welcome to the blog mbuya. If you are looking for good, solidly researched, quick reads you should check out Southend Press. They specialize in feminist texts with decolonized praxis at their base, they publish Shiva. You can also check out the extensive list of “historical” readings from the tab at the top of the blog “Historical Reading Lists” put together through a multi-blog meme. If you like Shiva, I would think you’d also like Joanna Kadi, Winona LaDuke, and/or Aurora Levins Morales all published at South End.

  3. Hey – do you have any plans to be in Brazil (or near it) this summer? Why I ask: a conference. It’s just an idea at this point but if you’re going to be in the area, it could be worth talking about. Best – Z, AKA

    • I don’t think so. So far I’m scheduled for a conference in the English Speaking Caribbean this summer but keep me in the loop on Brazil. Pov U has no funding for such things, but you know, where there is a will there is often a way. 🙂

  4. Hi Professor Susurro! I’m saying hey to reintroduce myself, and to fulfill my promise that I’d be in touch again! all my best, Kim

  5. Dear Prof S: (profess)

    It’s not that we WANT the book, well – sure – we ALL battle want, no? It’s that we NEED the book. You see, we’re transitioning from a not-so-small arts advisory in DC to an arts advisory/design studio with a distinct focus on women’s self-esteem, body identity issues, and self-image issues. We promote all of this through art, and we’re sort of rambling about looking at thousands of websites, reading everything we can get our hands on (did I mention I’m a one woman shop). Anywhoo, thank you for the gracious offer – please do throw our name in the hat for this or any future giveaways.

    • welcome to the blog. I have put your name in the running. 😀 Your organization looks like a great one!

      The contest is going on here and thru Twitter and some folks are asking to have their bids remain anonymous, so when all the names are in I will let you know!

  6. Hi patricia,
    I am interested in your workshop schedule. My quilt group is planning a quilting event May 29, 2010. Would like to know your availability, contract info and if you would be interested. “Silhouettes of My People” could be a fun workshop.

  7. Hi Prof,

    I’m going to feel pretty silly if I overlooked it, but I cannot find contact info for you and I’m hoping that is because you prefer to decide who you will interact with outside of this blog.

    Would you please write me at . . . I’d like to ask you something.

    Thank you for coming by Color Online. I don’t know how I hadn’t found my way here before, but I’m so glad I’m here now. I admire and respect what you do here. So much to learn and appreciate.


  8. OK. I missed your Twitter on the women in DC who got attacked outside the clinic because I’m not following you on Twitter. Doh.

    After I figured that out, I spent 10 minutes surfing your blog and searching you on Twitter. Can’t find you. Is it because it’s a secret? Or because I just haven’t metabolized my second cup of coffee yet?

    I’m VSWoodPsyD on Twitter and would appreciate being able to follow you there, too.


    Now I’m off to try that great ‘who I am’ thing.


  9. Hi Prof – Love the concept of a “say post” – very smart since I want to do just that – and there really wasn’t a corresponding post! Also, I am helping the women of SheGroup, a Miami group of lesbians, identify VOICES of women and urge them to enter a coming out story contest @ We’d love to have you participate – you have a strong narrative style and would be an awesome contribution to the site. Think about it:) Rock on … -Syd

  10. This is going to sound weird, but I received a ThinkGeek catalog in the post today and I thought of you. They have a Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub (with flashing light and sound! – item 9223) and a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver (Item 8cff)! How cool is that? I swear, I don’t work for them… I might just have to buy from them though. Mmmmm… Tardis. Feel free to exterminate this!

  11. Hello Prof

    We are Culture Unplugged Studios – a new media studio focused on enabling networks of socially/spiritually conscious content and its creators. We are dedicated to bring authentic voices of diverse cultures to global audiences. Voices that needs to be felt & understood, stories & films that connects people from different parts of the world. You can learn more about us at

    We write to you to express/exchange regarding mutual opportunity for collaboration. We believe your voice can provide invaluable inspiration & vigor to our audience.

    We have launched an online social media/network platform, for which we are seeking writers who wish to write on socially and culturally relevant contemporary issues. Through this platform we intend to raise awareness of our audience – film-makers, film-lovers and conscious/global citizens and for which I will like to inquire if you can contribute to the blog on this platform.

    here is the link –

    Few published articles are here

    We hope you find this an opportunity to publish/converse and connect with not only global audiences but also film-makers/artists/activists from transforming world-regions such as Asia & MiddleEast. We anticipate to begin long-term relationship with you through this opportunity and partner in effecting change to the world that is awaiting transformation through creative spirituality.

    We hope to hear from you and begin a dialogue for collaboration, not only for writing/blogging but for effecting creative consciousness.


    ‘frame voice. find vigor’

  12. Greetings,

    I am working on a case study of the University of Colorado, Boulder student government’s response to the campus’ student media publication of discriminatory articles in 2008. In my files collected during the time of the incident is a copy of a blog post form yourself (

    My case study is being written for a collection of case studies for teaching group communication. I am focusing on what is known as the “bona fide group perspective,” which postulates that group communication cannot be understood without examining social context, and permeable and shifting borders of the group. In general this perspective means that people and organizations outside the group influence how group communication plays out. Part of the discussion for the case study then is showing how people, institutions, etc. shaped (directly or indirectly) the interaction (and actions) of the student government in relation to the 2008 articles. All of this is prelude to a few very simple questions I have for you, if you wouldn’t mind:

    1. How did you learn about the 2008 article you wrote about?
    2. Where were you located when you wrote your 2008 commentary?

    Thanks for you assistance.

    Steve Konieczka
    University of Colorado
    Department of Communication
    270 UCB
    Boulder, CO 80309-0270

    • Steve

      Shouldn’t you have an IRB or HSB disclosure/consent statement attached to this email somewhere?

      My brief response to your questions barring that:
      1. a colleague alerted me to the incident, I then read the primary (the articles, responses, and dept/uni official responses) and secondary (national newspapers, internal UCB & external blogs) sources
      2. my home office. (this blog is anonymous)

  13. I came to your site because of your attempt to acknowledge the possible impact that sexual abuse had on Corey Haim. I was wondering whether you know about Todd Bridges. He’s currently on a media tour regarding his new book, which touched on his own sexual abuse at the hands of someone in the business.

    So far, I’ve seen him on Larry King and Joy Behar’s show and he’s supposed to appear tonight on Issues w/ Jane Velez-Mitchell. By the time you receive this post, the show will likely be over, but I figured that if you planned on continuing on this topic, you may want to examine him and his story and possibly implement him into your current discussion.

    Just a thought.

  14. Hello Profesora, I came by way of Vegans of Color, and I greatly enjoy reading what you have to say. It has been awhile since I thought in ways you write, though you said in About Me that this is not an academic blog, I feel very much the vibe I got in college: the open-mindedness and dedication to learning. I stop by whenever I am online. Thank you for your time and energy.

  15. Professor Susurro,

    Thank you so much for the review of our program GirlTrek. Vanessa and I are trying so hard to keep each other inspired and to offering a helping hand to all of the women who joined this challenge with us. When I run across positive words like yours, I am inspired. Please feel free to publish your walking journey on our blog (

    Together we are better,


  16. Lisa it is not ok with me for you to link to this conversation or direct your readers to my blog on this issue. While I did not mind them finding it on their own, I do not want to be embroiled in another blog swarm as pointed out I feared such an action by daring to be so honest about the impact of that situation in the first place and the lack of trust I have with people doing the research to find information instead of just choosing sides. As such I have marked the conversation private.

    • And okay, the last:

      I’m sorry I misunderstood that aspect of what you said. I do not want to cause you any more pain and I should have realized that before even asking.

      So, thank you for talking to me – you didn’t owe me any of this. I do not want to direct blogswarms at you. and clearly I was impulsive and thoughtless to ask in the first place.

      And moving forward. I’m going to mark the old exchange on my blog private as well so it won’t be seen again.

  17. Hello Prof. Susurro
    Ran across your blog and was actually very freaked out at all of the Tea Party Sign images. Didn’t realize how offensive and disgusting most of them REALLY got! Guess they don’t show the really horrible ones on the News. (How convenient!) What is even MORE pathetic about the images is the prevalence of misspelled words (grossly misspelled),incorrect grammar, and complete misrepresentation of facts (and reality). Maybe it’s just me, but I think I would probably spell check things instead of just “sounding them out like my kindergartner does”, before putting them on a poster, that might end up on the National News Circuit (or some professor’s blog!) Wow. What really makes me sad about the whole thing is that this type of mentality is pretty widespred. (Not in the majority, but definitely extensive)Where do you start? How can this possibly be fixed or repaired?
    Just wanted to let you know that I like the observant, perceptive, and civilized tone that you have set! Nice to come to a site that doesn’t have all of the typical ranting and raving, and name-calling. Thank you for setting such a great example!!! (Like your leaves too!)

    • Thanks. There is an entire blog dedicated to “teabonics” ie posters that are misspelled. I think we all gravitate toward different aspects of the offenses and how they play out. I’ve noted that on msnbc it is generally spelling and “don’t tread on me references” so yeah somethings fall out.

  18. Hello! I just found your blog (via, and I’ve spent the past hour reading through a number of your posts. I’m very impressed by your intelligence, empathy, and clarity, as well as the level of discussion in the comments. I’ve already had to stop several times to reconsider my own perspective and bias while reading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; I will definitely make this site a regular stop on my information superhighway travels.

  19. Hi, Professor. I’m a graduate student (finally) wrapping up my Ph.D. next year, and I get to teach Women’s/Gender Studies one last time next semester. Would you mind if I shared your post “On Feminism, Liberals, Black Folks and Antione Dodson” with my class? It’s an awful/amazing example of the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and privilege. And I’m glad I found your blog via Pandagon- I’ll certainly be back again.


    • Absolutely. Please just instruct your students that if they comment they need to consider this space an extension of their intellectual development and not Facebook.

  20. I stumbled across your blog while looking for information about Matt Smith. Then I read your post on Returning Papers. As a graduate student in the hummanities who has TA’d and hopes to become a professor, I simply want to say thank you. That post was brilliant.

  21. Hi there,

    Really liked your blog and your collection on the achivements of indigenous women. I am working on a NGO in Nepal and going to host a Nepal International Indigenous Film Festival in APril 22-24, 2011 which is dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the indigneous women. So, I was wondering if you know some indigenous women filmmakers, I would really appreciate if you contact them or provide me thier contact addresses to submit a film entry till feb last. Please read more on or contact at our email address.

    Once again, really liked your collection.

    • I am only personally familiar with one First Nation filmmaker and her email has changed since last we spoke. My suggestion is to contact Women Make Movies and ask them for contact information for their filmmakers or if they can pass your info on to them.

  22. hello- I love the sculpture of the black woman on your site, but i cannot find a cite for the sculptor on your blog or anyone else’s. Do you have a clue as to who this sensitive and talented artist might be and how to view more of their work? Thanks.

  23. Prof susurro,

    In your collection of anti-Obama signs I believe that you incorrectly attributed one of my photographs to S. Walter. The photo was taken on the steps of the SC state capital during a Tea Party rally. I have many others, if you’re interested.

    William Salter

  24. Came across your blog recently and I am wondering if you might post your thoughts about the recent Dr. Who series. Very curious as to how you saw Series 6 and 7 after being disappointed by 5.

    • I have been thinking about this now that I am back to blogging. The truth is that I dislike Matt Smith’s acting and am only really able to sit through an episode without critique when he is opposite a really great actress who raises his game. Thus the episodes with River Song or the new season with Clara have been ones I have enjoyed because the writing is good, the acting is great, and it highlights what Matt can do when not running around like a gangling goofball. I do not know that I want to invite the never ending barrage of young fans whose response amounts to “yeah but” back to the blog. So I will think about it.

      • Quite understandable. Both your opinion and also not wanting to poke at the hornets’ nest that is fandom with the pointy stick of contrary opinion. There is a significant and loud segment of fandom that seems unable to recognize that critiques or not loving something is not at all the same thing as calling it “the worst thing ever”.

        If you ever do share your thoughts about Series 6 I will be interested to see what you think about the making The Doctor less famous aspect that has been coming about in episodes like “The Wedding of River Song” and “Asylum of the Daleks”. Also, if you enjoyed “Let’s Kill Hitler” or not.

        On the whole I think I like the goofiness of Matt Smith, but then I imprinted on Tom Baker as my first Doctor, so I can understand that it is not everyone’s cuppa. Oh, and did you ever see the YouTube Hitchhiker’s Guide entry on Daleks? Fantastic bit of fan vid you might find funny if have not already seen it.

      • Tom Baker is my fav, then David Tennant who anonymously stopped by the blog a few years ago. Off to watch the video you mentioned. PS. Welcome to the blog.

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