Excellent Take Two

This blog just got rated Excellent for the 3rd time this year by fellow bloggers, this time by profacero whose blog I love!!! (And a 4th time by Sarah J. days later at a blog I recently quoted.) I am very grateful that people like what I write and that the readership keeps growing.

This time around there are no limits on the type of blogs that can be rated (the last two times it had to be an academic blog) so I’m going to point you to blogs that support equality through both word and deed:

For me, each of these blogs offers a socio-political perspective on multiple oppressions and how to confront them. They are accessible to most readers and they work hard to ensure that information that might not otherwise get out is front and center. They have also all shown themselves to be deeply committed to highlighting and working with other writers and bloggers and supporting people going through struggles. I believe most are also students which makes me proud of the next generation of “credentialed” intellectuals in our midst.

Thanks again to all of my readers for being part of the community here and challenging my thinking and expanding my ideas. This “E” is for all of us. 😀

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