John McCain and Patriotism

htp Vox

The who is and who is not a patriot game in this year’s election is truly out of hand. People from across the political spectrum have discussed Michelle Obama’s statement about being “really proud of America” to death, often repeating the misquote which omits the word “really” and makes it sound like she has never been proud of her country. Further, people have failed to look at the history of race relations and gender inequality that have existed in this nation during Michelle Obama’s lifespan as a reason why it might take a historic event to make her “really proud” as opposed to just “proud” accept to say that this is another sign that the Obama’s view of the country is not in line with the majority. McCain’s camp spent a considerable amount of time fueling the controversy and using it as a place from which to question Obama’s ability to lead.

Yet, very few, if any, have questioned McCain’s patriotism nor quoted his statements about N. America that show he too has taken a critical eye to the rights and wrongs of this nation. No one has engaged in rancid arguments in public forums or in the media about whether he is unAmerican. Yet as the video above shows, McCain had a long history of giving speeches in which he said it was “not until [he] was deprived of her [America’s] company did he love her.” Where are the outcries that John McCain does not love America?

There is clearly a double standard in the perception and recreation to the candidates for the President of the United States and the distinction is not, “the race card” as McCain has asserted but actual race issues in this country. The sad part about this story is not that McCain is guilty of being critical of our nation but that Republicans don’t have the sense to not mistake awareness of where the nation still needs work for a sign that they are incompetent, angry, or incapable leaders. McCain himself is guilty of this illogical leap.

It is too bad that we as a nation cannot get past difference and understand that whoever runs this country, they are going to have to be able to understand where we need improvement and where we do not. We have already had 8 years of someone denying things are going horribly wrong in the economy, the environment, veterans affairs, education, etc. and all we have to show for that lack of a critical eye is a recession, mortgage crisis, vets without proper medical care or access to education they were promised, and a generation of college educated youth in insurmountable debt and no hope of exceeding the income attainment of their parents. Denial is not patriotism, it’s stupidity.

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