Black History Month!: Important Black Women Quiz

(quiz link is at the bottom of the post)

It is almost February, the shortest month of the year, so you know what that means . . . Black History Month!

blfi(this amazing image is unattributed -grr- comes from here)

As long time readers know, last year I did a post on African-American feminists as part of my multicultural feminism(s) series (see sidebar for other multiculti feminisms links). I also decided to celebrate Female Presidents of African descent and key figures in African American women’s political history with a pictorial post at the end of black history month 2008. Despite the later having very little accompanying text, it was one of the most widely read pieces on the old blog – widely being defined as a geographic location – and was among one of a handful of posts that steadily brought in readers. Clearly there is a thirst for knowledge about black female political leadership.

Now I’d like to delve a little deeper into that same narrative of African American female political and social justice leadership by doing a series this month on African American women who have changed our political landscape. I have defined the category narrowly in the sense that I have not included female performers while I do think that artists, blues singers, and actresses did help shift the black political landscape by nature of being visible, regularly present, and often contributing subtly and/or pointedly subversive texts to the world. Instead, I am going to focus on African American women who started or participated in political parties and movements, as well as held government offices. And I am going to try and choose people you may be less familiar with, while still honoring those whom we should all already know.

At the same time, since I teach media, I also want to focus this month on African American women Directors, since many of them are unsung heroines of the craft who have given their savings, labor, and personal lives over to breaking into an industry that continues to largely exclude them. I hope that by highlighting them, I will encourage all of you to go out and watch their films an write reviews, encourage others to rent or purchase their films, and help keep their industry afloat in a world that has become less open to African American cinema rather than more open. And while I’m going to represent their craft and commitment here at the spot, I’ll admit that not all of them will be people whose films I have seen in advance; so in a way, this is a challenge for me to go out and do the work that I am hoping to foster with you, my new readers.

So, to start the ball rolling. Here is a quiz on “Important African American Women throughout history.” If you take the quiz, come back and tell us how you did. 😀

for quiz click here

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