Books for Asian Heritage Month Take on New Meaning

We are nearing the end of both Latin@ Literature and Asian Heritage month. As a celebration of both of these themes, Hatchett book group has been doing a free book giveaway. I mentioned the Latin@ heritage month giveaway at the beginning of the month. Now I am mentioning the Asian Heritage giveaway, which I did not know about until today, to send you to the blogs that are participating but also because one of the books was written by Ronald Takaki.  As I said in a previous post, Takaki was an inspiration to generations of scholars, a powerful mentor, and a critical voice in infusing Asian American history back into the U.S. curriculum.  His quintessential book, Strangers from a Different Shore is one of the 5 books being given away.


Win these titles:

Free Food for Millionaires By Min Jin Lee
Trail of Crumbs By Kim Sunée
The Fortune Cookie Chronicles By Jennifer Lee
Transparency By Frances Hwang
Strangers from a Different Shore By Ronald Takaki

Contest sites: (exp. 5/30)
Travels of a Bookworm (exp. 5/31)
Feminist Review (exp. 5/31)
Stef at MySpace (exp. 5/31)
Bestseller’s World (exp. 5/29)
Books, Movies, Chinese Food (exp. 5/31)
Literary Escapism (exp. 5/31)
Reading the Leaves (exp. 5/31)
Lazy Daisey (exp. 5/31)
Bookloons (exp. 5/31)
Marta’s Meanderings (exp. 5/31)
Romance Reader at Heart (exp. 5/31)
Mixed Race America (exp. 6/1)
The Mystery Site (exp. 6/2)
The Reviews Page (exp. 6/2)
Bookin with Bingo (exp. 5/31)
Bookwormy Girl (exp. 5/31)
No Such Book (exp. 5/31)
Kiss a Cloud (exp. 5/31)
Stacie Vaugh’s Blog (exp. 5/15)
Kim Sunee Blog (exp. 5/31)
So Many Precious Books (exp. 5/31)
Drey’s Library (exp. 5/30)
S. Krishna’s Books (exp. 6/1)
Fete a Fete (exp. 5/31)
Diverse Books (exp. 6/1)

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