Dr. Who, Dr. Who (Minor Spoilers)

Ok. So I’m passing along a few tidbits without comment b/c well . . . b/c.

  • Martha will rejoin Dr. Who on episode 4 of the upcoming series (that is most likely 6 in the U.S.)tennantc
  • There is some overlap between Martha and Rose’s stint
  • Rose is signed on for 3 episodes
  • She also appears briefly in the season opener (episode 3 for N. Americans)
  • According to Torchwood info Martha’s fiance’s name is Tom (yes photos of a ring have surfaced)
  • Rose’s ex-bf Mickey (or a parallel version of him) is in the last episode of the season/series and surprise, surprise, people are already ignoring the Tom info to assume that Martha is with him . . . b/c . . .
  • The promo for the season should be on heavy rotation soon, I saw it several months ago and I just don’t think it is that great so I haven’t and won’t repost it
  • The first official episode of the season is gross – no matter how cuddly you make fat creatures look watching them pop off bodies is gross
  • The discussion of Martha was really poorly done as well; tho it was painful to see her leave, I wish they had just let her walk out (that first time) and been done with it, because if episode 1 is any indication, I don’t want to see what happens next.
  • The dynamic between Tate and the Dr. is also a new twist that fans will either really like or not like at all – and no that is not a comment about desire (there is none of that this time around) but about the interaction between them.
  • Tate is funny, especially in that bit behind the door, but we all knew that.
  • Some fans have already started sites with doctored pictures of Tate kicking Agyeman’s butt . . . b/c . . .


I can’t really say much about the series. As per usual people in the U.S. the season will start next weekend with the Christmas episode, so the season will be 1-2 episodes longer than in Britain. I already did a post on that episode, so I won’t go into detail here. I thought it was a really good episode overall and I found Kylie Minogue way more interesting than some of the other companions we have seen or will see this season. It is too bad she (SPOILER) doesn’t make it; if they were going to resurrect anybody from an untenable place, it should have been her. She was fun and no not just b/c of her boots.


images belong to BBC

2 thoughts on “Dr. Who, Dr. Who (Minor Spoilers)

  1. I have no idea . . . but I did note, that the image has since been doctored by BBC to cover the rock so either they are trying to hush the rumors or it isn’t Martha who is engaged but Freema . . .

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