The Last of the Philosophy, Eugenics, and Disability Posts is Up at What Sorts of People

As promised, I am linking to the last of the 4 panel papers/videos of the discussion about Philosophy, Eugenics, and Disability at What Sorts of People.  The final paper by Rob Wilson, entitled “Building Inclusive Communities Through Practices of Collective Memory: The Case of Eugenic Sterilization in Alberta.” begins with a brief philosophical discussion of the purpose and/or potential need for collective memory and the state of the field, but very quickly focuses in on a discussion of the Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta that targeted differently-abled women for enforced sterilization on the basis of physician or caregiver say so.  The latter also returns us to the case of McEachran’s involvement discussed in a previous paper. One of the really exciting pieces of this still forming research talk is information that Leilani Muir, the first person to successfully sue Alberta for wrongful sterilization, is writing a book about her experiences and the movement that built up around her case.

Again, please go check it out and sharpen what you know about the links between ability, eugenicism, and women’s rights.

6 thoughts on “The Last of the Philosophy, Eugenics, and Disability Posts is Up at What Sorts of People

  1. Thanks for posting this and the previous post on this; I’m one of the coordinators of the What Sorts blog, and we appreciate your interest, and your blog more generally.

    We expect there to be other developments on the topic of these talks later this year, and the blog should keep some of this in a small part of the public domain. Apart from the Modern Pursuit of Human Perfection post series, which we did over Christmas until 6 weeks or so ago, we’ll also have some talks up from another public dialogue here, including a talk by Leilani Muir herself. This weekend some of us will be in Vancouver for a symposium on “Human Kinds”, and we’re also looking to film that and make it freely available in several formats down the track.

    • this is really wonderful news! In case you cannot tell, I am a big fan of making academic discussions/conferences as accessible as possible. I look forward to reading Leilani Muir’s post and reading your blog in general. 😀

  2. never talked here before. Just wanted to say thanks for covering so much stuff so well on your blog! you do more than most small blogs I read!

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