Homophobia in the Government? Really . . .

dont-rock-the-boat(Mike Keeper Denver Post 6/18/09)

There has been a lot of talk about how Obama has completely failed to make good on many of his campaign promises to the queer community, and in some cases, DADT and DOMA, people in his cabinet have actually defended policies he said he would address. The result is that a lot of queer folks are actively boycotting Presidential events and thinking about what kind of candidate they want in 2012. According to the Washington Blade he currently has a 75% disapproval rating with GLBTQ people polled (see poll results in bottom right). For his part, Obama (or rather a techie in his cabinet) sent out a lovely email and tweet alerting all us queer bloggers and the like that they were throwing a pride party. Well let me just get my hat . . .

Now information is being leaked that Pride posters have been consistently torn down or defaced in Department of Labor Building elevators. Where do they think they are pov u during pre-reg? read more here

for much sunnier thoughts look at this company who makes personalized cake toppers for those of you who believe in marriage. They are so cute and guaranteed to take the Obama administration frown off your face. check here. (They do it for straight folks and poc’s regardless of sexuality as well)

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